Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mail Time

I love getting mail! I absolutely love the anticipation you get Monday through Saturday when possibly something could be waiting for me! Throughout my college years I would skip to the mailboxes after lunch singing the mail time song every day. Most of the time it was the box of disappointment, but occasionally joy would explode like fireworks when I opened the box and there would be a letter, or even better, a package slip! Now on the other hand, my mom hates the mail! How could it be? Well once I moved out on my own and got my big girl job I realized this hatred for the mail box. It became a box that practically begged me for money. I decided I need to put the joy back into mail. This happened several ways:
First: my sister Bridget began sending me postcards. Not just one from a trip I couldn’t go on, but a weekly picture of the beautiful state of Colorado. Way to go sister!
Second: I signed up for the Nordstroms and Anthropologie catalogue. Those are always fun to look through! Also I signed up for the Ulta and JoAnns coupons. Fun and free once a month.
Third: Josh sent me a card (He is my boyfriend. He does not live far away.) It was sweet and fun!
Fourth: I will combine the joy of mail time and the joy of Christmas with this fabulously fun craft!

Mailed Plastic Bottle Snow Globe:
First get a plastic water bottle. I used a half the plastic save the planet one type one (Aquafina). However, it got a bit beat up in the mail so I would recommend something a bit more sturdy. Assuming you have a flimsy cheap one, it only weighs ½ an ounce. According to the post office you can send something in a mail box that is less than 13 ounces. Woohoo we’ve got 12 ½ ounces to play with!

Next you need to go on a run and take with you and pair of scissors and a plastic bag.
Notes to my readers:
- The run on this craft makes up for the muffins I posted last week so yes run!
- Yes I know, running with scissors is a very bad idea! I run with the not sharp kid scissors. My nursing judgment tells me that I most likely would not be able to impale myself with these.
- If anyone was wondering why I am such a slow runner, this is why.
- I recommend listening to Christmas music on your iPod for this run and you will most definitely be in the best of spirits.
As you run look for tiny tiny pinecones and a nice looking pine tree stub that is only a couple inches long. I grabbed several different kinds of branches to see which looked and fit best in the bottle. Also I grabbed a branch of this neat little white plant and also a curly stick to add some decoration to my branch in the globe. Be creative on your nature run.

Cut a door opening in the side of your bottle. Use a small amt of hot glue to prop your Christmas tree up in the middle. Stuff white tissue paper around it on the bottom. 

Take a small piece of paper and write your note on it. Roll it up nice and tight and then secure it with a small amount of glue stick or a sticker or, best of all, some ribbon. You could also roll a picture up with your note if you are sending it as your Christmas card! Add your note in the bottle.

Next you will want to go to King Soupers, Fred Meyer, or whatever your fancy is. Take your supplies. In the produce section you need to find a vegie scale. (If you have a mini food scale at home, then you can do this in the luxury of your kitchen). Weigh your bottle with the already added necessities and your pinecones. Don't forget to make sure you've got the lid on the scale as well. Remember you need to stay shy of 13 oz since you have to close your door with your address label and add the stamps and snow. Once your globe is complete, seal your door off with your address label. Then place 4 stamps (Christmas ones preferably) around the bottom.

Now that the door is sealed, open the lid to put your snow in. For snow I used some white paper confetti and some glitter confetti. I also added some tiny white pompoms.  Then seal your bottle up with the lid.

Finally, I added some snowflakes with white glitter puff paint around the outside of the bottle as well. Let those dry plenty. Then go find a blue mail box to send off your Christmas joy!

P.S. If you are too embarrassed to go the grocery store to use the scale, don’t worry. I was all stressed out about the weight but in the end the hand on the scale never moved past zero!

Source: some girl on the internet whose name I cannot remember. I feel that it is ok that I do not site her since I gave her credit for the idea and then I changed the snow globe a lot.


  1. Oh how fun; I'm going to send this (somehow!) to a student of mine who collects snow globes!!! Did you test it out to make sure that the USPS actually mailed it????

  2. Yes tested and successful! I used the 1/2 plastic type of bottle and it got a bit beat up in the mail since it was so thin. But it arrived!