Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Owl Love Your Hair Clips

Owls are in right now so of course I had to make a valentine that was owl themed! This was tons of fun to make and the creative options are endless. Like most girls, I probably have way too many hair clips. As you know, I love ribbons! So I’ve started clipping them all to a ribbon hanging in my bathroom so that I can see them all. This craft is a very cute way to do this. And just in time for Valentine’s day, so that you can make it as a gift for a friend or sister. If you are not the sewing kind of gal, don’t worry, just use fabric glue and it will still be super cute!

Felt—just get 1/8 yd of white and then whatever other colors you want (I spent less than $2 at JoAnns!)
Black buttons—I got 5/8” ones.
Embroidery floss—black, white, and whatever other color you want
Needle—one with a big enough hole that the embroidery floss can get through
Ribbon—1/2 yd (gross grain works much better than the silky stuff)
Fabric glue—optional but I think helpful

Cut out your felt pieces. You will want two pieces of the body of your owl. Two circles for the bottom of the ribbon. The wings, heart, belly, and eyes, you only need one piece. Open this attachment for some owl patterns I made. They are the size I used so you can print them and then cut them out for your pattern.

Once you have all your pieces, arrange your owl parts on the body and fix on with a smidge of glue. This will hold them in place while you sew them on. Stitch around the edge of the pieces to not just hold them down, but give the owl that home-made touch. I just did a simple in and out stitch and then tied the ends together in the back. At this point also stitch in the initial you want on your circle at the bottom.

Cut your ribbon the length that you want. Sew your end to the back piece of owl (the one with no eyes or heart) and the back piece of your circle (with no initial). I just stitched a little there and back on the machine. At this point you will also want to cut a small piece of a narrow ribbon and make a little loop to hang the owl from. Stitch this part down as well.

Attach the front of your owl and the front of your initial circle. You can use a simple in and out stitch around the edge or try a blanket stitch.
Blanket stitch

Put your button eyes on where you want them and sew them in with your black floss.

Finally, conceal your excess embroidery floss, from the edging and eyes. Pull the excess floss through to the middle of your felt sandwich with your needle and snip the end so it gets lost inside.

Now hang it up and attach some clips to try it out!

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  1. Robyn, I just opened my valentines day package and i love it! It is sooooo cute! Plus a really hand place to keep my bobby pins and barretts because i constantly loose the little clips! I think i might try and make one over spring break for cassie! Thanks again!
    xoxo, Julia