Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter Peeps S'mores

Oh these are so cute!!!  These could be used as a cute gift or table setting or party favor.  All you need is graham crackers, chocolate bars, Peeps, party bags, and ribbon. That’s right- here’s your excuse to buy Peeps!

In each baggy place two square graham crackers. Then place your chocolate. (Ok ya I could have used less chocolate!) You can either break a bar in half or buy the individually packaged Hershey’s. If you are doing bunny peeps then arrange them on top of each other and slide them in the baggy so the bunny is facing up. If you are doing chick peeps then put your grahams and chocolate in the baggy so they form a little table to place the chick on. Tie up your baggy with some cute ribbon and your adorable Easter s’mores baggy is ready to go!

Kudos to my creative sister Maria and Mom for this one!

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